I want to browse your products before I decide to buy. Can I make an appointment?

            ▪         Our boutique opens by appointment only, and we don’t typically accommodate to requests for product viewing. 


Can I choose a serial number or request for customisation?

            ▪         Each timepiece has a unique serial number. We don’t respond to requests for specific serial numbers.

            ▪         We don’t respond to requests for individual customisation of timepieces.


Why do certain sections of this website require a password? 

            ▪         Access to certain sections is granted exclusively to Club Gamma members. 


What’s Club Gamma?

            ▪         It’s our official owners club. Members enjoy discounts and exclusive/ priority access to our collection, and get to know fellow owners through our Facebook group.  

            ▪         To join, indicate your interest when you register your timepiece.


I’m looking for a used piece. Can you help?

            ▪         Transaction of used timepieces is the responsibility of the seller and buyer. 

            ▪         Check for wear and tear in terms of movement accuracy, crown operation, dial luminosity, condition of case, crystal, dial and screw bars, etc. It may not be possible to restore used timepieces to their original condition. 

            ▪         The warranty is invalid unless the timepiece was registered and has a warranty card indicating the purchase date.